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Individual & Couples Counselling

“Insanity is the sane person’s response to an insane world.”
R. D. Laing (1927 – 89)

We live in times of great social, financial and psychological pressure. Sometimes things go wrong and it’s difficult to understand or cope. Sometimes things feel like they have never been right yet we cannot see any way of making things better. And sometimes, as Laing reflects above, it can feel like we’re going insane.

We are all different, unique, in how we see and feel the world around us and in how we relate to friends, family and others. However, while we might be able to share our difficulties with friends or family, it’s not always so easy to find the answers that we need.

This is where an independent ear and an understanding voice can help. Counselling and Therapy provides a confidential space to unload without judgement or assumption and to explore what’s happening in order to find a better way of living and being in this "insane world".

Sometimes a few, even just one or two, sessions can be enough to get the answers that you need.

However, sometimes distressing or disturbing life events or experiences can cause longer-term anxiety, confusion, depression or anger that affect people’s ability to cope with life and work. While a few sessions of Therapeutic Counselling can be helpful, sometimes longer and more focused work is needed. With this in mind, I would recommend you review my page on EMDR Therapy.

At both our initial meeting and in any further work together, I will;

  • Provide a confidential space where no-one else can listen or intrude.
  • A space where you can talk openly without fear of judgement or criticism.
  • Offer an understanding and empathic relationship in which we can find an effective way to help you.

Couples Counselling

There are some additional boundaries that are important to working with couples.

Firstly, we need to recognise the right of both parties to speak openly without interruption and with respect to each other and to your agreement to work together to find resolution.

Secondly, while I may suggest some individual 1:1 sessions where each party can have space to explore what is happening for them as an individual, no information can be shared with me that cannot be shared with the other.

These boundaries are important in ensuring that an open and honest working relationship is maintained between the three of us.

I believe in and work according to the BACP Ethical Framework, which can be found at:



“The whole day was thought provoking and useful. Support from yourself and others attending invaluable, thank you”

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